Solids & Basics

Stock up on cotton solids, flannel, duck cloth, muslin, toweling and other basic fabric for home sewing. Fabric Depot has a selection of beautiful solid color fabrics for a variety of applications from quilting to apparel and utility projects. Basic fabrics can be used for almost anything around the home - create simple kitchen items, mock up patterns with muslin, sew basics for baby with specialty fabrics including Cuddle and minky fabric.
Royal Chili Pepper Oilcloth
Walnut Woodgrain Oilcloth
Stars Oilcloth
Orange Canvas
White Gabardine
White Knitback Vinyl
Ivory Fleece

Ivory Fleece


Royal Blue Fleece
Red Fleece

Red Fleece


Red/White Oilcloth
Yellow/White Oilcloth
Bright Blue/White Oilcloth
Black Oilcloth
Yellow Floral Oilcloth
Blue Dot Oilcloth
Red Floral Oilcloth
Pink Floral Oilcloth
Blue Floral Oilcloth
Green Dot Oilcloth
White Cherry Oilcloth
Brown Floral Oilcloth
Red Cherry Oilcloth
Seafoam Cherry Oilcloth
Blue Cherry Oilcloth
Pink Dot Oilcloth
Gold Floral Oilcloth
Blue Check Oilcloth
Green Check Oilcloth
Red Check Oilcloth
White Floral Oilcloth
Red Fruit Oilcloth
Blue/White Check Oilcloth
Black/White Check Oilcloth
Red/White Check Oilcloth
Red Floral Oilcloth
Red Dot Oilcloth
Blue Fruit Oilcloth
Green/White Check Oilcloth
Red Floral Check Oilcloth
Yellow Floral Oilcloth
Yellow Oilcloth
White Dot Oilcloth
Yellow Floral Oilcloth
White Crayon Oilcloth
White Fruit Oilcloth
Red Floral Oilcloth
Red Oilcloth

Red Oilcloth


White Floral Oilcloth
Maize Floral Plaid Oilcloth
Blue Oilcloth
White Oilcloth
Green Oilcloth
Medium Blue Oilcloth
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