Quilting & Sewing Notions

Press Perfect Roll and Press
Hot Ruler

Hot Ruler


Clover Wedge Iron | Sewing Notions
No-Hassle Triangles Gauge
Perfect Press Iron Finger
Leather Coin Thimble Medium
French Knitter Bead Jewelry Maker Clearance

French Knitter Bead Jewelry Maker

Clearance: $7.50

Regular Price: $11.99

Sashiko Long Type Needles
Clover Quilting Needles No. 9
D-Rings 3/4" Antique Gold
Quilting Pencil Silver
Water Soluble Pencil Pink
Water Soluble Pencil Blue
Yellow Chaco Refill | Clover Notions
White Chaco Refill
Blue Chaco Refill
Yellow Chaco Liner
White Chaco Liner
Blue Chaco Liner
Rotary Cutter 28mm
Rotary Cutter 45mm
Open Sided Thimble Small
Chacopen with Eraser Blue
Water Soluble Pencils
Pom-Pom Maker Extra Sm
Knitting Accessory Set
Patchwork Pins Fine
Silk Pins Boxed
Handicraft Tracer Pen
Chacopy Tracing Paper
Bias Tape Maker 6MM
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