Pin Cushion Interfacing Templates - 3 Pack

Pin Cushion Interfacing Templates - 3 Pack

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This is a 3-pack of extra foundation interfacing templates made to use with the folded star pin cushion pattern.

Manufacturer: Plum Easy

Collection: Plum Easy

Skill Level: Beginner

Includes: 3 sheets

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Customer Reviews


May 1, 2014

Not a shred of instruction with multi-packs - you have to buy the pattern, first

I saw the videos for these templates on YouTube, and searching, found them here at Fabric Depot. Discovered that they come in multi-packs, which I thought was great! Three pin cushions, 12 pot holder templates - perfect! Ordered them right off and woohoo! I've almost got them made!

But, I get them (very quickly, I might add - the service from Fabric Depot is superb) and there is not even the most rudimentary of information - even measurements for the fabric squares used to make the prairie points is missing. There is a pdf handout on the PlumEasy web site, but it omits that information, as well.

The templates for the pincushion do not show how to turn a flat piece of quilted fabric into a 3D pincushion, either. The lines on the templates are mystifying.

So, after searching the web and going to PlumEasy's web site, I figure out that I have to buy the *pattern* - and the pattern does not come with multi-pack options.

The pattern is also expensive.

But, without the patterns, you have some interesting looking pieces of printed interfacing.

I went to the designer's Etsy site and bought the patterns - these are going to be the most expensive potholders and pin cushions I've ever made by the time I'm done with them. ;)

$48 so far, for 13 potholders and 4 pin cushions - and I haven't even cut a piece of fabric, yet, much less filled them.

This is a really innovative new product that speeds up the making of these things and apparently gives you beautiful precision - but the packaging needs to be very clear that there are NO INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED.

I would not have gone to this kind of expense for some potholders. Or even pincushions. :D

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