Oilcloth is a versatile printed vinyl fabric on a cotton mesh base that is easily wiped clean. Oilcloth is commonly used for table covers, bibs, floor coverings, shelf liner and picnic accessories. We have a selection of classic check oilcloth and colorful prints for all your creative projects.
Seafoam Floral Oilcloth
Yellow Hibiscus Oilcloth
Blue Hibiscus Oilcloth
Black Cherry Oilcloth
Red Fruit Basket Oilcloth
Pink Dot Oilcloth
Red Dot Oilcloth
Turquoise Plaid Oilcloth
Purple Dot Oilcloth
Blue Dot Oilcloth
Apple Oilcloth
Picnic Oilcloth
Fuschia Floral Oilcloth
White Floral Oilcloth
Yellow/White Oilcloth
Yellow Floral Oilcloth
White Floral Oilcloth
Red Fruit Oilcloth
Blue Fruit Oilcloth
Yellow Floral Oilcloth
Yellow Oilcloth
Yellow Floral Oilcloth
White Crayon Oilcloth
White Fruit Oilcloth
White Floral Oilcloth
Maize Floral Plaid Oilcloth
Green Fruit Oilcloth
Yellow Check Oilcloth