Home Decor Fabric

Home decor fabric comes in a wide range of prints and styles from top manufacturers. Have a project in mind - shop for drapery, upholstery, toweling, outdoor fabrics, canvas, vinyl, faux fur, tablecloth fabric, burlap, even pet screen. We also have supplies to get you started with your home decor updates from headboards to accent pillows.
Buck Suede - Black New!
Buck Suede - Calf Skin New!
Buck Suede - Chamois New!
Buck Suede - Chocolate New!
Buck Suede - Dark Green New!
Buck Suede - Doe New!
Buck Suede - Navy New!
Buck Suede - Vanilla New!
Tavern Check Vinyl - Navy
Tavern Check Vinyl - Blue
Sunflowers Vinyl - Night 1
Linen Vinyl - White New!
Linen Vinyl - Natural New!
Lemons Vinyl - White New!
Lemons Vinyl - Navy New!
Damask Vinyl - White
Damask Vinyl - White/Taupe
Acanthus Vinyl - White New!
Vinyl Bag Mesh Fabric - Tan
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