Special Occasion

Shop special occasion for bridal and costuming fabrics. We have lace, tulle, satin, silk and things that sparkle so you will have a fabulous time whether you are dressed up or dressing up a room. Make your next special occasion one to remember with the right fabrics to bring your dreams and creative ideas to life.
Deep Port Crepe Back Satin
Magenta Crepe Back Satin
Green Moss Crepe Back Satin
Black Patent Pinwheel Lace
Coral Red Floral Lace
Whisper White Floral Lace
Bright Red Chiffon
Purple Spiral Sequin Mesh
Marigold Crepe Back Satin
Coral Crepe Back Satin
Dark Plum Polyester Satin
Deep Blue Crepe Back Satin
Red Chili Crepe Back Satin
Dark Ivory Crepe Back Satin
Quartz Pink Polyester Satin
Blush Pink Charmeuse
Hot Pink Sequin Mesh
Black/Copper Sequin Lace
Black Sequin Lace
Yellow Gold Sequin Mesh
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