Special Occasion

Shop special occasion for bridal and costuming fabrics. We have lace, tulle, satin, silk and things that sparkle so you will have a fabulous time whether you are dressed up or dressing up a room. Make your next special occasion one to remember with the right fabrics to bring your dreams and creative ideas to life.
Coral Silk Crepe de Chine
Brick Red Silk Crepe de Chine
Navy Crinkled Silk Chiffon
Maroon Crinkled Silk Chiffon
Bone Crinkled Silk Chiffon
Jet Black Silk Chiffon
Cherry Red Silk Chiffon
Cinnamon Silk Chiffon
Black Silk Chiffon
Black Silk Chiffon
Copper Red Silk Chiffon
Red Silk Chiffon
Salmon Silk Chiffon
Spring Green Silk Chiffon
Sienna Red Silk Chiffon
Hunter Green Silk Chiffon
Dark Yellow Silk Charmeuse
Grape Purple Silk Georgette
Autumn Orange Silk Georgette
Clay Orange Silk Georgette
Dusty Pink Silk Charmeuse
Turquoise Silk Charmeuse
Black Velvet Flocked Mesh
Platinum Silk Satin Charmeuse
Butter Yellow China Silk
Caramel Silk Crepe de Chine
Whisper Beige Silk Charmeuse
Golden Beige Silk Charmeuse
Maize Silk Charmeuse
Nude Silk Charmeuse
Gardenia Silk Charmeuse
White Silk Charmeuse
Bone Silk Charmeuse
Frosted Beige Silk Charmeuse
Pearl Beige Silk Charmeuse
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