Primo Plaid Flannels

Primo Plaid Flannels from Marcus is a collection of yarn dyed flannel fabric. These yarn dyed flannels come in a range of great colors from brights to blues and autumn shades. You'll love sewing a variety of projects with Primo Plaid Flannels. This soft flannel fabric is great for pajama pants, shirts and quilts or blankets.
Red/Navy Check Flannel New!
Black/Grey Plaid Flannel
Olive Gold Plaid Flannel
Nutmeg Cotton Flannel
Orange/Black Plaid Flannel
Navy/Fire Red Plaid Flannel
Pewter/Slate Check Flannel
White/Cherry Plaid Flannel
Dusty Sky Plaid Flannel
Scarlet Red Stretch Flannel
Black Wool Blend Flannel
Black Wool Flannel Jacketing
Beige Wool Flannel Jacketing
Black Multi Plaid Flannel
Dark Navy Plaid Flannel
Midnight/Red Plaid Flannel
Bright Red Plaid Flannel
Olive Green Plaid Flannel
Light Brown Gabardine Flannel
Army Green Wool Flannel
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