Designer Canvas

Get creative with designer canvas! Lightweight canvas has many creative apparel applications. Printed canvas is great for skirts, pants, vests, jackets and fashion accessories.
Moss Green Cotton Canvas
Curry Brown Cotton Canvas
Cavalry Brown Cotton Canvas
Olive Green Cotton Canvas
Moss Beige Linen Blend Canvas
Cadet Green Cotton Canvas
Cream Stripe Stretch Canvas
Ebony Rayon Canvas Suiting
Navy Blue Sueded Canvas
Pink Beige Stretch Canvas
Taupe Grey Stretch Canvas
Red Cotton Canvas
Olive/Brown Camo Canvas
Light Cream Stretch Canvas
Cedar Brown Cotton Canvas
Lemongrass Cotton Canvas
Dark Tan Cotton Canvas
Navy Blue Cotton Canvas
Olive Brown Canvas
Dark Fatigue Green Canvas
Green  Crossdye Canvas
Yellow Stretch Canvas
Red Stretch Crossdye Canvas
Pink Stretch Canvas
Coral Red Stretch Canvas
Aqua Stretch Canvas
Dusty Pink Stretch Canvas
Coral Red Stretch Canvas
Pink Stretch Canvas
Lime Green Stretch Canvas
Orange Canvas