Fashion & Apparel Fabric

Fabric for special occasions, costumes and apparel fabric including faux fur, fashion knits, cotton blends and a variety of shirting fabric. We love rayon and linen blends for sewing apparel - perfect to go with your favorite sewing patterns from tops and blouses to skirts, pants and dresses.
Black Floral Wave Lace New!
Navy Denim New!

Navy Denim


Ruby Wool Jacketing New!
Bright Red Wool Twill New!
Burgundy Brushed Wool New!
Teal Green Wool Crepe New!
Olive Green Wool Coating New!
Garnet Wool Coating New!
Navy Blue Wool Coating New!
Jewel Blue Wool Coating New!
Ivory Stretch Corduroy New!
Cadet/Grey Wool Coating New!
Fire Orange Wool Coating New!
Pink Clay Cotton Twill New!
Silver Sage Linen New!
Creamy Pink Wool Coating New!
Mixed Berry Wool Coating New!
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