Felt by the Yard

Felt by the yard offers a larger width of fabric for greater versatility in crafting. We have wool felt by the yard that is 36" wide with a selection of colors. Our classic felt by the yard is a 72" wide acrylic fabric that is ideal for larger projects like tree skirts, decor and classroom projects.
Wool Felt - Angel Wings
Wool Felt - Adobe Dreams
Wool Felt - Eternal Sunshine
Wool Felt - One Shade of Grey
Wool Felt - Silver Grey
Glitter Felt - Red
Glitter Felt - White
Glitter Felt - Black
Glitter Felt - Royal Blue
Glitter Felt - Fuchsia
Glitter Felt - Kelly Green
Rainbow Classic Felt - Red
Rainbow Classic Felt - Ruby
Rainbow Classic Felt - Gold
Wool Felt - Blue Bayou
Wool Felt - Fuchsia
Wool Felt - Fresh Linen
Wool Felt - Blush
Wool Felt - Kiss Me Darling
Wool Felt - Terracotta Mist
Wool Felt - Smokey Marble
Wool Felt - White
Wool Felt - Wheat Fields
Wool Felt - Smoke
Wool Felt - Ruby Red Slippers
Wool Felt - Periwinkle
Wool Felt - Norwegian Blue
Wool Felt - Hydrangea
Wool Felt - Hay Bale
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