Wool Felt Bows

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Another DIY here! This one is easy-peasy!

Step 1:

Cut your felt in two pieces: 8 x 1.5 inches (body of the bow) & 3 x .5 inches (tie loop)

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Step 2:

Loop the body of the bow around into a circle and hot glue in place.

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Step 3:

Pinch the center of the bow and hot glue folds in place.

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Step 4:

Wrap smaller felt around the center of the bow and glue one side down (this will be the back side). **If you want to make this a headband or hair clip attach hair accessory in this step.

Pull felt tight and attach other end, cut off excess felt.

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Now wear your bow, put it on a gift, make a baby headband (the cutest, right?!) or decorate with it!

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Felt available here!

Happy crafting!

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