Two Hearts are Better Than One

VAlentine POst-960

While Valentines Day is usually celebrated by exchanging cards and chocolates, we have another great idea. Make these cute embroidered heart shaped pin cushions made of wool felt to add to your Valentine's Day celebration. One for yourself and one to give to your closest crafty Valentine.

Download our free heart templates.

Materials needed to create the twin heart pin cushions.


1. Four wool felt squares in assorted colors. We used the colors, Kiss Me Darling, Shocking Pink, Fresh Linen, and Blue Bayou.

2. Embroidery thread in three assorted colors. We used DMC 25 Brand in the colors Peacock Blue 845, Red 666, and Yellow 307

3. Embroidery Needle

4. Fairfield Polyester Fiber-fil / Stuffing

5. Small crochet hook, optional

Valentines 2-960

1. Using our Free PDF Downloadable templates, cut 1 small heart from the white felt, 1 medium heart from the pink felt, 1 medium large heart from the red felt, and two large hearts from the blue felt.

VAlentine 3-960

2. Center the white heart in the middle of the pink heart. Pin in place if needed.

3. Using yellow embroidery floss, blanket stitch all the way around the white heart, attaching the white heart to the pink heart.

Valentine 4-960

4. Using the yellow floss, embroider three cross stitch designs on each side of the white heart and one at the bottom edge.

VAlentine 5-960

5. Center the white/pink heart assembly onto the red heart, pin if necessary. Using the blue embroidery floss blanket stitch all the way around the pink heart, attaching it to the red heart.

VAlentine 6-960

6. Use the blue floss to embroider seven cross stitches on each side of the pink heart and one at the bottom.

VAlentine 7-960

7. Center the heart assembly to the large blue heart, pining in place if needed. Blanket stitch all the way around the red heart with yellow floss, picking up the blue felt from behind.

VAlentine 8-960

8. Find the center of the white heart and embroider a red heart in the center using a satin stitch and the red embroidery floss.

VAlentiner 9-960

VAlentine 10-960

9. Place the heart assembly on top of the remaining large blue felt heart.

10. Starting at the lower tip of the heart, use the red floss to blanket stitch up half of the heart, joining the front of the heart to the back. Leave about 12 inches of red floss for a hanging loop.

VAlentine 11-960

11. Starting at heart center top, blanket stitch part way down leaving a space to insert stuffing. Put enough stuffing in to round out the heart, and then continue blanket stitching to the bottom tip of the heart.

12. Chain stitch the left over red floss tail at the center top of the heart. Make a loop and fasten it to the center of the heart.

Chain stitch-960

Chain stitch loop-960

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