This Just In: The Makers by Cori Dantini

The Makers quilt

Light-hearted depections of sewing, knitting, painting and more are illustrated in The Makers, a wonderful new collection for Cori Dantini.  From Blend Fabrics, the collection features large panel prints in Cori's signature style along with smaller panel prints and a dozen blenders that coordinate perfectly in color and style. 

The collage-style images are a great source of inspiration to add a little whimsy to your projects. We checked out Cori's Pinterest page and found plenty of creative uses by sewists and quilters. These are a few of our favorites using her previous collection, but you can see more here

Cori Dantini collage
Original posts can be found here: Zipper Pouch, Patchwork Quilt, Patchwork Pillow  

 We're thinking of adding a panel to an A-line skirt. Or the sides of a handbag. Or the front of a child's apron. Or... or... so many possibilities! What will YOU make with The Makers?



July 12, 2016 at 6:42 PM

Do you have Cori Dantini's "The Maker" fabric in stock?