The Velcro Solution

The first warm days of spring are upon us and it’s time to step out into the garden and start planning that bumper crop. One of our favorite gadgets for keeping plants where they belong is the Velcro Plant Tie. Velcro has once again found a wonderful application for their fantastic product.

Velcro Plant Ties offer a quick and easy solution for staking and training plants that need that extra support. They come in a 45 foot continuous roll of green Velcro tape and can easily be cut to any length. Simply wrap the tie around the plant and the post, stake or trellis, and press to secure into place. The Velcro Plant Tie can be double wrapped for extra strength and is virtually invisible in the garden.

The Velcro Plant Ties are perfect for beginning plants and vines that need to be kept in place, and those delicate plants that may need a little extra support starting out. Re-useable and lightweight, the ties also work well with flower arrangements.

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