The Fabric Depot Paintstik Demo

This Friday and Saturday March 9th and 10th between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm Fabric Depot is hosting a Shiva Paintstik in-store demonstration. Artist's Paintstik's from Shiva are solid oil paint in a stick form. They are made from wax, oil, and pigment. They are non-toxic, fade proof, permanent, and dry in a 24 hour period. Once dry, the fabrics can be heat set by ironing on the wrong side.

Paintstiks come in a variety of colors, including iridescent, which glow with a life of their own.

Due to their special shape and buttery texture they can be blended with a brush, a palette knife, or even your finger. They can be used on any surface, including canvas, paper, wood, plastic, metal and fabric.

A wonderful product was demonstrated with Paintstiks, the Grip-N-Grip Mat.This keeps the project in place. These mats have a multitude of uses and are a wonderful addition to your sewing and quilting toolbox.

[caption id="attachment_5261" align="alignright" width="218" caption="The Grip-N-Grip Mat"]

Cedar Canyon Textiles offers many different designs of stencils giving the artist an unlimited choice for design.

Whether you are a quilter, crafter, scrapbooker, or just want to explore new avenues of creative fun, you'll be amazed at the range of possibilities of the Paintstik.

Products featured during the Paintstik Demo; [caption id="attachment_5228" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Featured products of our in-store Paintstik demo"]

The "Anything Goes Tote" pattern from Cedar Canyon Textiles.

The Grip-N-Grip Mat. It grips your project and won't let go!

Cedar Canyon Textiles "Design Magic" Stencils

Artist's Paintstiks, set of six, Iridescent Primary Colors.


Paula Chipman

March 10, 2012 at 1:17 PM

Sign her up for a morning show! The demo was great!