The Comox Valley Schoolhouse Quilter's come to Fabric Depot

Bus shoppers-960

On the morning of August 23rd a sleek white tour bus from our Canadian neighbors rolled up to Fabric Depot. On board were 44 enthusiastic quilters from the Comox Valley Schoolhouse Quilter's Guild ready to fulfill their creative dreams.

HAppy shoppers-960happy bus woman-960

Their 4 day excursion to quilt shops and events brought them to Fabric Depot on day 2. They were happily frolicking between the aisles of quilting cottons, patterns, notions and crafts.  Some of the ladies had been here two years prior, and for other's it was their first time.  Smiles were abundant as they proudly showed each other the wonderful treasures that they had found.

Once on the bus sales receipts were flying. The "who had the longest receipt" contest had just begun.

The longest reciept-960IMG_4175-960

When they were back on the bus after all their shopping, these ladies worked up quite an appetite. They sure did enjoy their shopping here, and several are already planning their next trip to Fabric Depot.


Thank you, Ladies!  It was a pleasure having you shop our store.  We hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip!  Be sure to come back on your next quilting adventure to Portland!

Find out more about this group here!

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