Join us for the Row by Row Experience 2016

Fabric Depot Rose City Rows City Row by Row Experience

We're thrilled to be back for another year of Row by Row Experience with our Rows City pattern. Our row pays homage to Portland's love of roses and the Rose City nickname with paper-pieced roses that are appliqued to the patchwork background. Use your favorite techniques and/or learn...

We're getting ready for Row by Row Experience 2016

Row by Row at Fabric Depot

Row by Row Experience 2016 doesn't start until June, but we're getting our row patterns, kits, and epehemera ready now. We had such fun last year and we're looking forward to another great summer.

Mark your calendars now for our kick-off party on June 21. Join us early for giveaways (to the...

Paper Piecing 101

 Row by Row Cascades

If you're joining us for the Row by Row Experience this summer, you might have seen our Cascades Row. Constructed with paper piecing, it highlights the natural beauty of Oregon. While paper piecing isn't difficult, it can seem a little confusing at first. No worries, though, we'll walk you...