Simple Sweetheart Pot Holder

simple sweetheart pot holder by Fabric DepotHappy Valentine's Day week! In preparation for the weekend, we created this very simple tutorial.

After scouring Pinterest, there are few pot holders out there that do not have binding around the edge. We felt the need to make one! This quick project will go together in no time.

photo 4-2

Use this template to make one of your own!

Here is how we made ours:


• 1/4 yard of ticking

• scrap batting - cotton or wool

• 1/4 yard Insul-Bright

Step 1:

Cut two heart shapes from template. If you are using a stripe like we did, be sure the stripe is going the direction you prefer.

Step 2:

Using the template, cut one heart with the Insul-Bright.

Step 3:

The circle template is used for the two top pieces on the heart. Cut out the circles, again, be mindful of how your stripes will be positioned.

Step 4:

Cut one circle out of the batting. Then cut the circle in half.

Begin Sewing.

Step 5:

Pin the heart-shaped Insul-Bright to one of the heart-shaped fabric. Sew around the perimeter.

Step 6:

Place half-heart piece of batting in the middle of the ticking fabric. Fold in half and sew on the fold.

(Repeat for other side)

photo 3-3

Step 7:

Attach half-circle pieces in place on top of the sewn heart.

Step 8:

With right sides together, sew remaining fabric to the front of the pot holder. Be sure to leave an open space along the bottom side to turn inside out.

Step 9:

Clip curved edges and turn inside out.

Step 10:

Sew hole closed and top stitch around the bottom of the 2-3

Now make something sweet for your sweetheart!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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