Sewing with Silk

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We have asked our seamstress Karen to share some tips and tricks to sewing with silk for our Sew in Love Bridal Series. Here is some of her wise advice to getting the perfect handmade silk dupioni garment.

1. When you cut your silk, be mindful of the wrong and right side; the right side slubs (spun fibers) are smoother.

IMG_0535 960

2. When cutting, try to avoid the center crease created by the bolt. Press, rather than iron to avoid distorting the fabric. Be careful when you press, as creases are difficult to correct.

IMG_0531 960

3. Dupioni frays easily; surging the edges or using a zig-zag stitch helps. Avoid over-handling the edges to minimize fraying.

IMG_0541 960

4. Lining the garment can enhance the appearance and add stability.

IMG_0532 960

We are so grateful to Karen; she really knows her stuff! These bridesmaids dresses will be on display this weekend at the Portland Bridal Show! Come visit our booth and enter to win our door prize! Tickets are available at the Portland Bridal Show website.

All fabrics are available at Fabric Depot. To order by phone please call 503.252.6267

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