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Happy Spring everyone! I’m Hannah, the Social Media Coordinator and I’m back to talk to you a bit about my long term relationship with fabric since you already know about the personification of my sewing machine... 

I am usually a fabric collector... or hoarder, depending on your perspective. Basically, I buy yardage over precuts every time. I sew all types of things, including apparel and quilts which means I buy fabric based on the size of my love for it. I don’t usually have a specific project in mind when I stock up either… I’m bad. So if I think it’ll be for quilting, I get ½ to 1 yard; if I think it might be for garments, I get 2-4 yards… Like I said, I’m bad. I work for Fabric Depot for a reason people! 

Warehouse Sale Haul

So now that my stash is bursting at the seams [sorry, I had to do it!], I have been focusing on not buying new fabrics but using up the old. It’s so tough! I call this a “fabric diet.” It’s almost as lame as a food diet, promise! It’s not that my stash fabric is truly old… it’s just already been inside my house for more than 24 hours… If your relationship with fabric is like mine (a little out of hand) you will love this bundle I just discovered.

Lollies Bundle Stack

Lollies Specks by Jen Kingwell for Moda Fabrics, is its name. There are 14 Fat Quarters in the bundle, which is normal. What’s not normal, is that each fabric has lengthwise stripes of 4 DIFFERENT prints making up the print side. That means, this bundle has essentially 56 unique fabrics while only taking up a few cubic inches of space!

Lollies Bundle Fan

The bundle includes fun, springy colors and some coordinating neutral prints featuring polka dots! They can stand alone or be used like blenders or mixers in larger projects. You can even use the wide stripes like a print or as individual fabrics! Did you see our FabriFlair blog? If you did, you’ll recognize the fabrics for one of the Radiant Stars!

fabriflair radiant star     radiant Star Fabriflair pattern

Using the SAME bundle, we also made this Color Wheel Pincushion Kit:

Lollies Pincushion     Pincushion kit

AND this Pineapple Pilllow or Placemat Pattern!

lollie pillow     lollie pillow ruler

So this bundle has 56 fabrics and can make at least 3 weekend projects… You didn’t have plans for the next 3 weekends already, did you?... Cause now you do!

What I love about these project kits, regardless of the fabric bundle, is they are also good for getting scrappy or stash busting. You can test your creativity playing with color, texture, and print because of the small pieces and interesting shapes. We can all use a little practice branching out once in a while, right?

Now that you’ve heard about my addicting relationship with fabric, we want to hear about yours. Do you like buying fabric precuts or yardage? How do you keep things “fresh” in your fabric relationship?

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