Quilt Market: Day Three

We have been running around like crazy on day three of Spring Quilt Market. Day's one and two were so wonderful - head over to our previous posts to take a look!

Today's top four favorites are:

1. Basically Patrick - Patrick Lose

Patrick Lose / RJR Fabrics / Quilt Market / Fabric Depot

We're excited to bring in a new line of blenders from designer Patrick Lose (pronounced Lows) for RJR Fabrics. The line, named Basically Patrick, contains vibrant colors, fresh motifs, and small-scale prints that any quilter would love for their stash.

2. Unicorns & Rainbows by Riley Blake
Unicorns & Rainbows / Riley Blake / Quilt Market / Fabric Depot
We loved this booth setup for Riley Blake's Unicorns & Rainbows! We have this collection in-store and online.
3. Cotton + Steel 

Cotton + Steel / Quilt Market / Fabric Depot
While we had a preview of Cotton + Steel's debut line at Schoolhouse on Thursday, we finally had the chance to finalize our order for the exciting new collections today. Cotton + Steel is coming in-store and online in July! 
4. Shannon Fabrics

Cuddle / Shannon Fabrics / Quilt Market / Fabric Depot

Shannon Fabrics had a gorgeous booth filled with their lovely plush fabrics and they showcased many new items to come throughout the summer!
Great fabrics, fun designers and amazing booths! Today was such an adventure jumping from booth to booth finding a new treasure at every turn. It's hard to move through because we want to stop at every booth we see! You'll be excited to see what we bring into the store and online. We are waiting with bated breath for these collections; they will not disappoint!

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