Quick, Colorful Blanket with Geo Pop Canvas

Geo Pop Canvas

Bright and cheerful Geo Pop, the first collection by Emmie K for Robert Kaufman Fabrics, is ideal for these last dark winter months. Made of 100% cotton, the canvas has a hefty hand without being stiff, making it a great fabric for a quick picnic blanket. 

The free tutorial to make the quilted blanket is available through Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Andrea of Knitty Bitties blog. We used her tutorial with some minor modifications. 

Geo Pop quilt

Rather than a cross-hatched quilting, we did a faux stitch-in-the-ditch between the columns of color. We also chose not to curve the corners as Andrea did. You're free to do either! 

Geo Pop Canvas blanket

The quilt is quick (just a few hours) since you use a solid piece of fabric for each side, but the fun print makes it look like patchwork! You can machine stitch the binding, but if you're like me and prefer to hand-stitch it, give Wonder Clips a try. They are a great way to hold your binding in place without the inadvertent jabs of straight pins. (I use them for pins on most projects these days!) 

Sewing quilt binding using Wonder Clips

Make your own with Robert Kaufman's tutorial and these great products: 

This would be a fun quilt in any of the colorways! Give it a try and then send us pics--we'd love see what you make! Send your photos to socialmedia@fabricdepot.com. 

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