PNW Blogger & Gift Tag Tutorial

We received an invitation from Heather of to contribute a craft for the holiday party for Pacific Northwest bloggers.  We were more than happy to be a part of the event! It is an opportunity for those behind the screens in the Pacific Northwest to meet face-to-face. With all the technology surrounding us, this is a fun way to step away from the computer to meet someone by shaking their hand, not following their Instagram (although that is fun too!).

Bloggers are everywhere in the community; this meet-up is an opportunity to put a face with a name and really develop relationships. It is also a wonderful platform for collaborations and connections between bloggers.  Union/Pine was the perfect venue and looked absolutely beautiful!  Everyone involved behind the scenes did an amazing job to make the event perfect.

photo 3-1

Now that we knew we'd be a part of the event, we had to choose the craft to contribute. In order to host a craft that was fun and simple here are the challenges we considered:

- no sewing machine

- no iron

- accommodate up to 100 people

The answer actually came rather quickly...

embroidery + chalkcloth

We had SUCH a fun time preparing for this event. The preparations allowed us to practice some of our best embroidery skills!

We were so happy to share our craft space with Lia Griffith. The space was perfect for sitting down to work on a craft or two and chat with a few amazing 1-1

photo 3

photo 1

Couldn't make it to the event and wish you got your hands on this craft?  It's not too late!  Here is what we made:

We used our Accuquilt Go! to create the holiday shapes. You can also cut rectangles or other shapes to create your gift tag.

The fabric we used is a favorite around here: Chalkcloth!  This amazing stuff functions as a fabric but has a surface that reacts like a chalkboard!  Possibly the best invention yet, right?! We combined the chalkcloth with a simple embroidered detail to make the cutest gift tags. The best part? It's reusable! Just wipe with a damp cloth and it's like new!

chalkcloth gift tag 1

Check out these amazing bloggers for more recaps of the PNW Blogger Holiday Party - they have some {very} kind words about us!

Thank you, Bloggers, for having us at your event and being so kind!  We cannot wait to stay in touch with many of you and, we undoubtedly, read your blogs day and night.

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