New Renaissance Ribbons

A woven ribbon is something special. It is timeless. Used hundreds of years ago to embellish royalty, we are now honored, as they were, with beautiful woven Jacquard ribbons.  Today however, we have an advantage, we have the opportunity to use Renaissance Ribbons.  These high quality woven ribbons with vibrant colors and patterns reflect the traditional French style with a modern and exciting twist.


Today we are featuring two designers from Renaissance Ribbons, Sue Spargo and Dena Designs.  Sue's collection features a number of ribbons that are woven to be viewed from either side.   These reversible ribbons have a strong geometric pattern and are functional for many projects that utilize a two-sided trim.  They are modern, bright, and have perfect summer detail written all over them.





Dena Designs has created this next collection that is charming and sweet in all the right ways. Made for babies and children, this whimsical medley of ribbons complements one another in pattern and color. With florals, birds, forest animals, and hearts - it's perfection, really.


Both collections are now available at our website. Get a closer look at each ribbon here


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