Get Crafty! March is National Craft Month

National Craft Month

It's March again and that means it's National Craft Month! Time to get crafty, but what does that mean to you? What kind of crafter are you? Knitting. Screen printing. Dyeing. Embroidery. Applique.  Whatever you love, we've got the tools and supplies for you! We asked some of the Fabric Depot crew what their favorites were and found out there's even more out there than most of us realized! Here are just a few of the crafting supplies we love: 


 Like many of you, we enjoy making bags and purses, but sometimes those straps can get a bit wonkier than we'd like. Luckily Nancy Zieman has some of the smartest ideas around and she has these great Create-a-Strap interfacing strips to make perfectly even straps every time!

 LED Light

Being able to see what you're doing is as important as what you're actually doing! These little LED lights attache to the side of your machine, table, shelf or wherever works best for you! Find these lights online and many more in-store. 

 Buddha Cross Stitch


Some of us really enjoying doing cross-stitch, but wanted to move beyond the traditional landscapes and florals.There are lots of options these days including this lovely Purity-Strength-Truth kit. You can find many more kits, including florals, landscapes, animals, cartoon characters and inspirational phrases here

 Folded Star Potholders

One thing we love about crafting is that you can usually finish a project in a day and sometimes many more than one! These Folded Star potholders from Plum Easy look complex, but thanks to the template they come together quickly with a bit of pressing, pinning and sewing. Want a smaller project? Check out the pincushions!  

 Craft Stencil

Bring out the fabric paints, drawing pens or acrylics! It's fun to get creative with the array of stencils, including this butterfly stencil. Whether you're working with fabric, cards, or scrapbooking, they add a bit of pizzazz to your crafting! 



What's YOUR favorite crafting product? 

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