Moda Bake Shop

Everyone is searching for the best in online tips and tutorials.  We wanted to share one of our favorite sites, the Moda Bake Shop.  The Bake Shop shares recipes using Moda pre-cuts.  We love this sight because it has helpful visuals and step by step instructions.
Moda Bake Shop Trifle Dish Quilt

One of our favorite patterns from the Bake Shop is the The Trifle Dish Quilt.  This pattern layers a variety of techniques and patterns, like a Trifle! Each row is a different pattern that can be combined into one quilt.
Shop our selection of pre-cuts to make your very own.

Click on each design to see how to make it:

Trifle Dish: Butterflies and 4-Patches
Butterflies & 4-Patches

Trifle Dish: Sponge Roll
Sponge Roll

Trifle Dish: Posies

Trifle Dish: Jewel Block
Jewel Box

Trifle Dish: Strawberries

Trifle Dish: Pinwheels

Trifle Dish: Orange Peel
Orange Peel

Trifle Dish: Cherry Spools and Lady Fingers
Cherry Spools & Lady Fingers

You can shop a variety of Moda pre-cuts to finish these projects in-store and online. Play around with these patterns using your scraps too! 

Moda has a variety of amazing patterns and ideas on the Bake Shop, be sure to visit their website frequently for more patterns and ideas.

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