Let's Make Holiday Bottle Covers

Wine Bottle Covers 2
The holiday season is here and whether you're bringing a bottle of wine for Thanksgiving dinner or sparkling cider for New Year's Eve, this quick project will dress up your gift beautifully. We used Ann Kelle Metallic Remix for the bags above with Spot On: Pepper for the lining and tied up in a bow with metallic ribbons. Use these or your own favorite quilting cottons! 
  • 13” x 16” piece of exterior fabric 
  • 13” x 16” piece of lining fabric  
  • 13” x 15” piece of insulated batting, optional 
  • 1 yard coordinating ribbon
  • matching thread 
  • acrylic ruler
  • erasable pen
  • Fray-Check
Wine Cover Tutorial 1 Use your acrylic ruler to accurately cut two pieces of coordinating fabrics and optional batting. Lay out fabrics separately, placing optional batting on wrong side of lining fabric. 
Wine Cover Tutorial 2 Fold in half to create a 6 1/2” x 16” rectangle, aligning raw edges. Stitch both sides, pivoting at corner, using a 3/8” seam allowance. Trim seams at corner. Press to set seams.
Wine Cover Tutorial 3 Create a boxed bottom by bringing the side and bottom seams together, right sides together still, aligning seams. Use ruler to make a 3 1/2” seam line with the erasable pen.
 Wine Cover Tutorial 5

 Stitch across line, backstitching at both ends. Trim to 3/8”. Turn right side out and finger-press. 

Repeat with lining fabric. If using the batting, sew batting and lining as one. Leave wrong side out. 

Wine Cover Tutorial 5  Slide lining into exterior bag, right sides together, matching bottom seams. Aligning raw edges, stay-stitch the pieces together at 1/4”. 
Wine Cover Tutorial 6

 Fold over 1/2” and press, then fold once more at 1/2” to hide the raw edges. Press and edge-stitch at 1/8”.  

Cut ribbon ends at a diagonal and secure edges with Fray-Check. Find center and match to side seam 3 1/2” from top edge. Stitch along seam line to secure, if desired. 


Slide a new bottle of wine in and tie with a big bow for a quick hostess gift. Easy to make for wine, champagne, olive oil and mason jars, you can make a few ahead of time and have them ready at a moment's notice for any occassion!  
 For a mason jar, decrease cut fabric size to 15” x 12” and continue as above. 
For a champagne bottle, increase cut fabric size to 15” x 17” and continue as above. 
For a thin olive oil bottle, decrease cut fabric size to 11” x 16” and continue as above, adjusting boxed bottom size to fit your jar.  

Download the PDF Tutorial here

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