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I’m Hannah, the new Social Media Coordinator for Fabric Depot. I’ve been sewing for about 20 years (or 70% of my life), mostly on Singers. I make all kinds of things, but quilts and wedding dresses are what actually get finished. I’m writing today to introduce you to my favorite tool: My sewing machine!!

Janome Skyline

I call her “The WIP.” She’s my Janome Skyline S5, purchased from Montavilla Sewing Center during the Summer of 2015. Though our relationship is short, it is solid. She is the first non-antique machine I have ever owned or used for a considerable amount of time, so she’s always impressed me. She’s about 40 years younger than other machines I’ve worked with and she’s worth the personification.

I like to name my machines because we seam (wink wink) to get along better when I show them the kind of respect I want them to show me. But, why “The WIP?”

Janome Skyline Close Up

As I was finishing my Marketing degree at PSU my Supply and Logistics professor David Raffo introduced the concept of Work in Process or WIP. The term reminded me of a whip stitch so I started doodling… 

WIP Doodle

I also realized as a maker, my best skill is thinking of ideas and starting projects. My worst skill is finishing them. So basically, I make WIPs all day long. I WIP it good, if you will…


The puns alone, convinced me that I’d just discovered my baby girl’s name! After I christened her “The WIP” she has proved me right many times. She shows every fabric she’s boss and only breaks a needle when it’s totally my fault. My boyfriend thinks I'm “wipped” because I sometimes spend more time with her than with him (and he’s probably right)….

Now I just have to figure out if “Ghost Riding the Whip” is possible with my WIP….

Lil dicky ghost ride

Does your machine have a name?... Or do you call it names?

Tell me about your favorite sewing machine (or tool) in the comments below!

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