It's "How To Tuesday": How to Make a Fingertip Veil

How to Make a Fingertip Veil

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Come on down to Fabric Depot on January 27th or 28th and join Kristina as she does a live demo of how to make a fingertip veil!

fingertip veil




1. Lay fabric out on flat surface, with the fold facing you. Cut off approximately a 1” wide strip of the tulle from the bottom. Set aside.

fingertip veil 1

2. At the top, measure 10 inches in towards the selvedge edge, from the fold. Make a small notch through both layers.

fingertip veil 2


3. From the notch to the selvedge of both layers, cut off the corners in a curve. Make the edges of the curve blend smoothly to the straight edges of the

fingertip veil 3 

4. Starting from the bottom edges at the fold, cut a gradual curve to the selvedge of both layers, blending smoothly.

fingertip veil 4


5.Unfold your fabric. Measure the width of your comb. Using needle and thread, stitch the top edge from notch to notch. Gather the tulle down to the width of the comb knot thread.


fingertip veil 5


6. Take the 1” wide strip of tulle and wrap the base of your comb, going around a couple of times between the teeth of the comb. Knot the last loop. Cut off extra.

 fingertip veil 6


7. Take wrapped comb and place the gathered edge of tulle to inner curve of comb. Have teeth of comb facing the same direction as the rest of the veil.

fingertip veil 7

8. Stitch the thread of the gathered tulle to the tulle on the comb. Trim down tulle seam allowance edge if it’s sticking up above comb base.

fingertip veil 8

9. Flip the tulle over the comb, covering all stitches and seam allowance. This is the fingertip veil!

fingertip viel 9



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