How To Make A Double Sided Flannel Scarf

Flannel Scarf Header 

A double sided flannel scarf is an easy and fun project for sewists of all skill levels. Theses scarves make great gifts for a friend, family member or yourself! Join along with Fabric Depot’s own buyer and merchandiser Kendra, who will walk you through the steps to create your own amazing double sided flannel scarf below. Also come down to the store and see our instore display of Kendra’s scarves in the front of the store. But hurry, this display won’t stay up in the store for long! Now let the fun begin!



 Double Sided Flannel Scarf


  1. Cut fabrics to 9” by width of fabric.  
  2. Mark ends 2” in from selvedge edges for fringe edge.
  3. Place fabrics wrong sides together & sew ¼” seam on both long sides starting and stopping at marks.
  4. Sew across short end from mark to mark, trim off selvedges.
  5. Pull threads of fabric on all sides to make fringe edges around scarf.
  6. Enjoy your scarf!

In the comments below, please let us know how you did on your scarf or if you have any questions. 


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