How to Make a Mini Blusher Veil Using Spanish Lace Trim

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Kristina wants to help all of you DIY brides (& bridesmaids) out there with a quick and stylish veil! This modernly small and decorative blusher veil is inspired by vintage millinery. Think UK royalty… Think vintage charm…

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Before we get into all that, let me properly introduce Kristina! She is the Manager of the Bridal Department at the Retail Store in SE Portland. She’s been with us for more than a year and sewing for 11 years! Her first job as a rhinestoner for a rodeo show, highlighted her favorite kind of project… the intricate kind. 

This discovery led Kristina into bridal design, sewing, and alterations. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Apparel Design from the Art Institute of Portland in 2011. She does beautiful fashion sketches while planning every sample garment in the Bridal Department and has a great eye for color. We are so glad to have Kristina on our team at Fabric Depot!

Now that we’ve gushed about our girl, here’s what you’ll need for this Mini Blusher Veil!

Mini Blusher Veil



-1/4 yard of 4-5” wide Eusebio Sanchez Lace Trim

-1/8 yard of Black Tulle

-1/8 yard of Beaded Trim

-2 Black Feathers

-Darice metal comb


-Needle and thread (John James Beading Needles size 10, Gutermann Polyester thread)



1)     Trim down lace to smooth out straight edges around embroidery.

2)     Cut 1 inch strip of Tulle. Wrap around the comb in between teeth and tie off end. 

*See some helpful visual step-by-step instructions here.

3)     Gather lace trim to fit the width of the comb. Baste to hold gather in place.

4)     Cut a section of beaded trim to fit the width of the comb and completely cover the edges. Sew the beaded trim to the gathered edge of lace.

beaded trim 2

beaded trim 1

5)     Sew the blusher to the base of the comb using the wrapped tulle as an anchor. The comb teeth should be facing away from the blusher.

6)     Sew feathers together and then to the center of the beaded trim with the plumes facing up.

Veil Lace Spanish 

Before you start your veil, don’t forget to pick up your supplies from Fabric Depot! While you are in say, “Hello!” to Kristina and the rest of our amazing team!

If you comment below, I bet we can convince her to let us post some of her sketches on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!!


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