Fall 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge

We made 526 pillowcases during our fall 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge. Volunteers from our Fabric Depot community were busy for two days sewing pillowcases for children at the Dougy Center.

1 Million Pillowcase Challenge | Fabric Depot

We donated 590 pillowcases sewn during our Spring 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge to Embrace Oregon, assisting DHS offices and foster children and families in our community. We are thankful for the opportunity to donate over 1,000 pillowcases to organizations doing wonderful work in our city.

Last week we delivered the pillowcases to The Dougy Center. We had the amazing opportunity to tour their facility and see where children and families can play, learn, and grieve in a safe and welcoming environment.

The Dougy Center | Fabric Depot

Founded in 1982, The Dougy Center now serves 450 children and their 300 adult family members each month. The Dougy Center has been a solid foundation for grieving families, even when their building burned down a few years ago. The rebuilding of The Dougy Center opened new opportunities for the foundation and those affected by it.

When we walked in to the Dougy Center we were overwhelmed by the welcoming environment. The new building has room after room filled with toys, activities, and resources for kids of all ages to help them deal with loss. The community they have created at the Dougy Center has changed the way the city views and copes with grief.

The Dougy Center Tour | Fabric Depot

The Dougy Center Tour | Fabric Depot

The pillowcases boxed up and delivered to The Dougy Center.

Fabric Depot | Pillowcase delivery at The Dougy Center | 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge

Each pillowcase represents a child that is grieving the loss of a loved one. We are honored to play a small part in comforting those in pain.  The need in our community is great, and we are proud to use sewing in a way that reaches to those in need.

This week The Dougy Center passed out our pillowcases to one of the groups. We are thrilled to see these kids with the pillowcases we made!

The Dougy Center | Fabric Depot | 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge

1 Million Pillowcase Challenge | Fabric Depot | Pillowcase donation to The Dougy Center

We are excited to contribute to the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge and help our local community in the process. Stay tuned for our next Pillowcase Challenge event this next spring!


For more information on the Dougy Center, visit their website.

For more information and stories from the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge visit their website.

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