Fairy Wings

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Halloween is almost here! Are you getting ready for a handmade halloween? Here is a step by step tutorial on some fairy wings you will love, and never want to take off! Let's get started!


1.  4 yards tulle

2. 16 gauge stem wire - 1 package

3. Dritz 3/8" black braided elastic - 3/4 yard

4. Wrights Black double folded bias tape - 1 package

5. Any trims for added detail


Step 1.

Measure out two lengths of 19” black bias tape.

Step 2.

Open up one end of the bias tape, fold right sides together and sew the end shut using 1/4” seam. Repeat for second length. Turn right sides out.

Step 3.

Sew down length of bias tape to create a casing for stem wire. Insert stem wire into casing, one wire per top portion of wing.

Step 4.

Bend wires into two half circle shapes and sew the two shapes together to form the top of the wings.

Step 5.

Keeping the tulle folded width wise, fold the four yards of tulle in half length wise. Fold again to create eight layers of tulle.

tulle template_

Step 6.

Fold wire wing casings in half and place on top of folded tulle, cut wing shape 33” long with rounded side.

wing shape

Step 7.

Divide tulle into two stacks. Each wing has four layers of tulle. Finish edges by surging or with a zigzag stitch.


Step 8.

Attach finished tulle wings to bias tape on wire casing - careful to not sew over wire.


Step 9.

Cut two 1/3 yard lengths of 3/8” elastic for arm holes. Sew ends together to create two loops. Attach loops to a 1 1/2” elastic strip and center between wings three inches from wing base.


Step 10.

Decorate your wings with glitter, trim, sequins, or any embellishments you desire! Have fun!


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