Downton Abbey at Fabric Depot

Coming soon to Fabric Depot:  The Downton Abbey Collection by Andover Fabrics!  Stop by the store November 20 through December 1 to see the trunk show inspired by the characters of the well-loved television show!  Be sure to pick up these gorgeous fabrics while you're here.

Andover Fabrics has created mood boards to bring together the characters and the fabric they inspired.

The Castle 

This fabric collection would not be complete without the castle itself. The lush landscape surrounding the abbey and the breathtaking castle interior played a part in creating this collection.TZBurmuYfp0ZsEoMORp_eBvhEy3vBXqj0WGjaST3CkE,hDkDwr6PgKB8KaqL2xo9qwvrBriMhX52bOaNWT0IL-I

The Dowager Countess

You may find yourself asking, “What is a ‘weekend’?” while working with this extraordinary selection inspired by The Dowager Countess. The sophisticated paisleys and detailed prints express her personality.


Lady Sybil

Lady Sybil is both kind and powerful.  These fabrics use geometric prints and large florals that push the boundaries and add a bit of modern flair, much like Sybil herself.-RlyANwpeAI0wuk8JKakvsULACRtAHKosliGzCxdV1Y,vR_LWCFEE-QhzGB0QuINVkTNwk-xjFf4aAGZAwq8R_s

Lady Edith

Lady Edith maintains a wardrobe that is nothing less of brilliant.  These fabrics inspired by Edith, feature a bright color palette and interesting texture.


Lady Mary

Lady Mary, with her regal persona and classic look, has inspired these fabrics that feature rich jewel tones and subtle patterns.


Look for our second Downton Abbey trunk show arriving in February.  Save the date for Sunday, February 8 from 2-4pm for an afternoon tea celebrating the Downton Abbey fabric collection and the creative projects you've made.  Tickets will be available in January.

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