Numbered Quilting Pins

For all you quilters out there, we've got a special treat for you!

Fabric Depot Numbered Quilting Pins

We've all been there. When you lay out all your quilt blocks and place them in the perfect order, then have to put the quilt away before it can be sewn together. Sometimes it's put away for days or weeks and when you get the time to return to it, you've forgotten which row goes where and what direction they should be pieced.

Clover's Flower Head Pins are perfect to fix this quilter's problem!

numbered quilting pins | Fabric Depot

The 100 piece box has four colors, 25 pins in each color - pink, green, yellow and white. The colors are light enough to write over with black permanent marker.

25 is the perfect number for quilt blocks, because it is rare that a quilt will have more than 25 rows or columns.

numbered quilting pins | Fabric Depot 

How to number your quilt blocks:

• Number each pin colorway 1-25.

• Pin your first row (horizontal) in one color of pins.

• Continue the first few rows. This way you can piece your blocks easily, knowing which block goes next to another. Keep your pins in place until you've pieced the entire row. This will help especially if you are chain piecing.

• Remove pins as you comlete each row. Pin new rows as you continue.

• After you've pinned the first three rows, stack the remaining rows. Use the fourth color to pin the colomns (vertical).

Thats it! The best thing about making these pins is that you only have to do it once. No more going through stacks of sticky-notes or masking tape! You can reuse them again and again.

Let us know how you use your numbered pins!


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