Color Me Happy Faux Pleated Pillows

We LOVE color which is why we are so excited about Color Me Happy by Vanessa Christianson of V and Co. This bright and beautiful collection by Moda is perfect to brighten any room and make you feel happy. 

What is happier than colorful pillows? Colorful pillows with a free tutorial!

V and Co. Pillows | Color Me Happy | Moda

Here is what you'll need:

• 1/2-yard Moda Color Me Happy Ombre Fabric - Makes two pillows 

 (Navy, Lime, TealPink or Gray

• 1/2-yard Moda Bella Solid (for backing)

• 14-inch Invisible Zipper

• 16-inch Square Pillow Insert 


1.Using the ombre fabric, trim off selvages. Cut yardage in half along the line between the lightest and darkest stripe. 

 Color Me Happy | Moda | Fabric Depot

2. Fold along each of the lengths where the two colors meet creating three fold lines. Press the dark stripe over the light, 7/8-inch. Repeat with each row. Trim sides to make a 16-inch square front.

Color Me Happy | Moda | Fabric Depot

3. Pin along pressed edges and stitch in place on the ironed crease. Hint: Match your bobbin threads to the color on the bottom, this will be the front of the pillow and will show.

Color Me Happy | Moda | Fabric Depot

4. Using your pleated fabric as a template, cut out the backside of the pillow from the Bella Solid.

Color Me Happy | Moda | Fabric Depot

5. Center the invisible zipper on the bottom raw edge of the pillow front (lightest color). Sew in place with zipper foot. Line up backside of pillow and attach the other side of the zipper to the fabric. Press flat.

Color Me Happy | Moda | Fabric Depot

6. Open zipper 4-inches for turning. With right sides together, pin and sew around all sides to attach front and back of pillows.

Color Me Happy | Moda | Fabric Depot

7. Clip edges and turn right sides out. Press flat. Insert pillow form making sure to fill the corners.

Color Me Happy | Moda | Fabric Depot

 For more amazing pillow patterns and projects to make with the Color Me Happy collection, head over to V and Co. shop and blog!

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