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sew in love blog series

Another Sew in Love Bridal Series here! We have a little peek into our Bridal Department just for you. We take pride in our selection of silk, lace, satin, and trims. From weddings to costuming, our high-quality fabrics and accessories create a unique and personalized touch.

"My daughter, Elizabeth, wore the veil that we made together,

based on the EXPERT advice we received from your FANTASTIC staff."

- Maggie Kolena

bride veil and garter

"I was defiantly a Do it your self bride and Fabric Depot made that possible. My husband and I were on a strict budget. When I approached the workers at Fabric Depot they knew what they were talking about and helped me find out what I needed for the style I was looking for. So with the help and staff of Fabric Depot I was able to make my own garter and veil."

- Kelleigh Strange

Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help you find what you need. If you are having a hard time matching colors or fabrics, let us know. Our Special Orders Department is happy to help you order what you need for your special day. We will work with you and the fabric manufacturers to do our best to find the perfect fabrics for you. A minimum purchase of five yards is all you need to qualify for special orders.

For more information please contact us at 503.252.6267

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