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Paula is our resident seamstress here at Fabric Depot. If you see a sample on our floor, she probably made it. She does everything from garment sewing to quilts! Paula has been working for Fabric Depot for 11 years. Her mother was a sewing teacher, so it is unsurprising to hear she’s been sewing for over 30 years. Paula can sew beautiful things very quickly, which is why we love to have her demonstrate tools and ideas when we can convince her to come in on a weekend!

Last weekend, she showed us the ingenious Bloc Loc Ruler at our Portland Retail Store. Paula loves the Bloc Loc Ruler for doing projects she needs speed and large quantities of the same block. For those of you who have a long distance relationship with Fabric Depot, her demo is below!


Bloc Loc Ruler

Glow-Line Tape

Rotary Cutter






1. Cut strips of fabric to desired width, ours is about 6”. Then sub cut into squares, then again into right triangles.

2. Start by sewing two triangle pieces right sides (print sides) together.

3. Press the seam to one side. With the right side (print side) up, you can see that one side of the block is higher and one is lower. The seam creates a lip on the higher side (Blue).

Bloc Loc Ruler

Bloc Loc 2

4. Place the Bloc Loc Ruler onto the block with the logo on the lower side (Yellow). The blank groove in the middle of the ruler will “lock” into place against the lip created by the higher side (Blue). 

Bloc Loc 3

Bloc Loc 4

5. Line up the edges of the ruler so that you’re squaring off the corner with minimal waste. This ensures the remaining fabric will fit the finished size you’re hoping to achieve. In this case, we’re making a 4 ½” square. Line up the ruler to 4 ¾” or more. This leaves plenty to cut off when squaring the other side.

Bloc Loc 5

Bloc Loc 6


Use Glow-Line Tape to mark the area beyond what you’ll need. Since our finished size is 4 ½” Paula has placed her tape at the 5” mark. When cutting many blocks quickly, this helps you square up to the right measurement without having to double check your marks every time!

Bloc Loc 7

6. Rotate the ruler and block around together. Line up the ruler against the already cut edges using the same technique as before, resting the groove of the ruler against the lip of the fabric. Line it up to exactly 4 ½”. Cut.

Bloc Loc 8

Bloc Loc 9

The result is a perfect two-triangle square!

Blo Loc 10

Before you start, don’t forget to pick up your supplies from Fabric Depot! While you are in you can say, “Hello!” to Paula and the rest of our amazing team! 

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