The Comox Valley Schoolhouse Quilter's come to Fabric Depot

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On the morning of August 23rd a sleek white tour bus from our Canadian neighbors rolled up to Fabric Depot. On board were 44 enthusiastic quilters from the Comox Valley Schoolhouse Quilter's Guild ready to fulfill their creative dreams.

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Their 4 day excursion to quilt shops and events brought them...

The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits Magazine

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There are a lot of Harry Potter fans out there. Although the days of standing in line for a book release or movie premier are over, the dedicated fans will never disappear.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits Magazine from Interweave has over 30 projects to keep the magic of Harry Potter alive.



A Story Worth Sharing: Victoria's Blankie

We love feedback from our beloved customers.  We recently received this email and the story is so sweet we thought it was necessary to share with everyone here on our blog.

heart blanket

I received my order on Wednesday. I just wanted to say Thank you so much!  The material on the left  is my daughter...

Scissors that Inspire

We all have our favorite sewing tools.  And on our list of favorites is anything and everything with the name Gingher etched on the silver surface.  Perhaps it is because my grandmother used these scissors years ago when I would peer over her sewing table as a child to watch her.  Or maybe...

Fabric Depot goes Glamour Girl!

92 year old Lorene Carnes from Salem, Oregon is a true inspiration to us. Even if we didn't know of her remarkable story we would still love this Glamour Girl collection of fabrics. But the story has us head over heels - literally - from head to toe these prints are beautiful.

bilde-2(Photo from the...