Chalkcloth Projects

Wall Chalk-960

Chalkboards are everywhere. The internet is overflowing with DIYs and creative ideas for nearly every chalk related decoration or craft. What if we could put a spin on the traditional chalkboard? What if a chalkboard wasn't a board at all, but a fabric. Oilcloth International has made...

A Sweet Snack and a Good Read

photo copy

Summer is an extra special season. We allow ourselves a few more breaks and a little more free time. Sometimes, this me-time sits right in the middle of the day. The perfect time to drink that second (or third) cup of coffee, have a sweet treat - french macarons - and enjoy a beautiful...

The Clover Kanzashi Flower Tutorial

KAnzashi Flower Displayl-960

Tsumami Kanzashi has been officially designated as a traditional Japanese handcraft in the Tokyo region since 1982. Kanzashi is the art of making beautiful Japanese flowers used as hair adornments. Small squares of fabric are folded into petals using various templates and then the individual...

Christmas in July

Christmas in July finished

It's a whopping 93 degrees in Portland and the topic of choice, Christmas! Lets get out of the heat to get "In From the Cold", one of Moda's featured Christmas prints by Kate Spain. This collection has a large variety of prints in traditional red and greens with added light winter blue. Julie...

Wool Felt Bows

image copy 2

Another DIY here! This one is easy-peasy!

Step 1:

Cut your felt in two pieces: 8 x 1.5 inches (body of the bow) & 3 x .5 inches (tie loop)

photo copy 7

Step 2:

Loop the body of the bow around into a circle and hot glue in place.

photo copy 6

Step 3:

Pinch the center of the bow and hot glue folds in place.

photo copy 5

Step 4:

Wrap smaller...