Anna Maria Horner, Pretty Potent

Anna Maria Horner's newest collection, Pretty Potent from Free Spirit, brings a perfect balance of bright colors to organic designs. 

Anna Maria Horner | Pretty Potent | Fabric Depot

Anna Maria's description of her new collection provides insight to her inspiration while making her designs.

"I've always considered sitting in front of a plant with a pencil and paper the best drawing class you can take. Looking to nature for inspiration and instruction on beauty is an old and welcome practice in all forms of making art. Using the natural world for healing is perhaps even an older practice. In my Pretty Potent collection, I drew inspiration specifically from plants and flowers that are often used for healing. While they possess properties to heal our physical bodies, the very beauty of the plants themselves seems intended to be a balm for the soul. Potent and pretty. The duality enchanted me."

On her blog, Anna Maria goes into a bit more detail describing each plant in her designs and their functions.

Anna Maria Horner | Pretty Potent | Fabric Depot

We love these fabrics! We've picked our favorites for our website.  More prints within this collection are available in our retail store. Call our Special Orders department for orders by phone at 503-252-6267.

Anna Maria Horner | Pretty Potent | Fabric Depot

Pretty Potent, along with all Rowan and Free Spirit fabrics are on sale in-store and online now through June 17!

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