AMNW Design Challenge: Push The Boundaries

It’s the final week of the AMNW Design Challenge. Four talented fashion designers from the Art Institute of Portland are going head to head for the chance to win top prizes valued at $4500.

The final challenge is called “Push the Boundaries”. Each designer must create an Avant-garde look using fabrics by Robert Kaufman. The designers Natalya Hebert, Gerry Barnard, Amy Sim, and Lindsay Chapel can use any commercial brand pattern or use their own design.

Last Friday, the designers went to Fabric Depot, where they had 90 minutes (and a budget of $175) to formulate their design and select their fabrics and supplies. The choices the designers made were exciting and should inspire them to reach for that next level of fashion excellence!

On Friday, February 24th , the designers will present their Avant-garde fashions on AMNW. It is anyone’s race to win. The final challenge will be worth twice the point value as earned in prior weeks. The AMNW Design Challenge results will be announced on Monday, February 27th.

Be sure to log on to to cast a vote for your favorite designer.

All Design Challenge garments are on display at Fabric Depot. Come by and take a look!

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