AMNW Design Challenge Finale

The AMNW Design Challenge is complete, and the winners are...

In 4th Place with 607 points, the winner of a Simplicity Felting Machine worth $250: Gerry Barnard.

In 3rd Place with 608 points, the winner of a Gütermann Thread Station and other sewing tools worth over $300: Natalya Hebert.

In 2nd Place with 637 points, the winner of a selection of Clover Notions valued at $600: Lindsay Chapel.

In 1st place with 670, winning a Pfaff Sewing Machine and a Sewing Vacation with Pati Palmer a total value of over $4,500: Amy Sim.

The winner of popular vote, receiving a $100 Fabric Depot Gift Card and a $100 Montavilla Sewing Gift Card: Amy Sim!

Congratulations to all of the designers!

When asked what was the most difficult part of the challenge, Amy shared that the Avant Garde was the most intimidating but once she got into it she loved it and had a blast. She appreciated the opportunity to participate and thought it was a great idea to showcase what is going on in Portland fashion design.

When asked what she learned from this challenge, Amy said, "believe in your vision, stay true to who you are as a designer and just go for it."

Dave Anderson (host of AMNW) jokingly asked the question, “When you go through a department store and see clothing do you look at it and say, ‘Ah, I can do better than that’?” Lindsay jumped in and said, “All the time.”

When the judges were asked if they had anything they wanted to share Pati said, "Amy’s designing and sewing was spectacular." She also wanted to share with Lindsay that she was true to herself and very consistent; without winning a challenge she came in second place. That’s pretty impressive.

Eden's thoughts were that everyone did a good job and they have huge growth potential in the design field. As a fashion editor she’s really excited to see what they will be doing next so she can feature ideas in editorials and stories soon.

Jonny felt that Amy really had her audience narrowed down and if she continue with her strong sewing skills she will no doubt succeed.

All Design Challenge Garments are on display at Fabric Depot.

We’d also like to extend a warm and special Thank You for everyone who helped make this Design Challenge a huge success!

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