AMNW Design Challenge: Double The Fun

The second AMNW Design Challenge was unveiled today!

The designers must create two children’s outfits combining Moda fabrics with Butterick patterns. The finished creations will be presented on live models and children’s sized dress forms on Friday when the judges will choose who best accomplished the feat.

The contestants geared up for the next round of fashion Olympics at Fabric Depot. Starting with a stop at the pattern station and then combing the acres of fabrics and notions. “So many choices” “So many possibilities” They were limited to ninety minutes to complete their selections and gather everything that they will need for the next competition to be held on Friday, February 3 on AMNW at 9:00AM.

It will be fantastic to see what shows up on the runway. These girls are talented!




January 31, 2012 at 4:37 PM

I liked Fabric Depot on Facebook - that's how I found out you have a blog as well.
But - darned if I can figure out how to follow it or have it show up in my google reader or even subscribe via e-mail.