Let's Make: All Wrapped Up Christmas Pillow

All Wrapped Up circle tree pillow
It's that time of the year when we all start hurrying to make the gifts we've been meaning to start, but haven't found the extra time. It's the holiday season at last! 

This pillow cover looks more complicated than it is, thanks to the ease of AccuQuilt's circle die and Mistyfuse, we were able to whip up this pillow in an afternoon.

Want to make up your own?  We've got the All Wrapped Up Pillow kit available now, with ready-to-use circles and linen included. All you need is a zipper and pillow form!  Or start from scratch with your favorite Christmas fabrics and make it your own by following our tutorial (you can also download a printable copy): 


20+ Charm Squares (We Used Clothworks’ All Wrapped Up Collection)
Mistyfuse in White
1/2 Yard Linen (such as Antwerp Linen)
Scrap of brown fabric (We Used Moda’s A Field Guide by Janet Clare, available in-store only)
OR buy the kit with ready-to-use circles and linen 
Matching Thread
Invisible Zipper
16” Pillow Form (available in-store only)


  1. If you are using your own die cutter: Following manufacturer’s instructions, use a dry iron to adhere Mistyfuse to the back of the charm squares and a 2 1/4” x 4” piece of brown fabric. Use your Accuquilt Go! or Go! Baby with the circle die to cut at least 20 circles of varying sizes from the charm squares.
  2. Use template to trim brown fabric for base of tree.

  3. Cut two 16-inch squares of linen. Trim corners, tapering in 1/2” at corner.

  4. Mark center line by folding pillow front in half vertically and pressing. Place tree base on pillow front, centered and 1 5/8” from the bottom edge. Adhere by pressing with a dry iron.

  5. Arrange circles in a rough triangle shape above the tree base, mixing sizes and colors to your satisfaction. Press well with a dry iron to adhere to linen.

  6. Using a shorter stitch length (we used 3.0), edge-stitch around each circle, overlapping stitches and backstitching at the end.

  7. Insert zipper using your preferred method (or follow the manufacturer’s instructions) along the bottom edge of the pillow.
  8. Leave the zipper half-open, then using a 1/2” seam allowance, sew the three open edges together. Shorten stitch length at corners to strengthen them. Finish seam allowances, if desired.

  9. Trim corners and using a point turner, push the corners out.

  10. Insert pillow form and zip closed. 


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