A Story Worth Sharing: Victoria's Blankie

We love feedback from our beloved customers.  We recently received this email and the story is so sweet we thought it was necessary to share with everyone here on our blog.

heart blanket

I received my order on Wednesday. I just wanted to say Thank you so much!  The material on the left  is my daughter Victoria's "heart blankie" that she has been dragging around for the last 7 years( I made it for my older daughter 10 years ago) this blankie had white flannel on the back and yellow satin binding that Victoria would rub between her fingers as she fell asleep. About 2 weeks ago heart blankie's binding shredded in the washer and I did my best to remove it so I could replace the binding. low and behold, the stitching got stuck, and ripped. I had to cut the blanket smaller in order to keep it square.  I searched every store in the area and nothing. So I tried the next best thing, Google. About 3 or 4 searches down the list, I came across your link, and there it was, heart blankie. I ordered as fast as my fingers could type. When my package came on Wednesday, I asked Victoria to come sit on my lap. I said to her, "how would you like Mommy to make you a new heart blankie, one that is big enough to cover your toes." As she starts crying she says to me, "But Mommy I will not love that blanket, it will not be the same, it will not have my hearts on it" so I open the package and pull out the material, she rips it from my hands and starts hugging it. I got the biggest hug and a "your the best mommy ever!" So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for making me the hero. And thank you for affording me the opportunity to make my daughter smile!  Know, that this blanket will be well loved, as was the last one!


It is stories like these that make us love what we do.  Tracey, you are a hero for hunting down exactly what Victoria needed, her cherished blankie.  It is an honor we could be a small part of this story.  We wish the best to you and little Victoria!

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