Chalkcloth Projects

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Chalkboards are everywhere. The internet is overflowing with DIYs and creative ideas for nearly every chalk related decoration or craft. What if we could put a spin on the traditional chalkboard? What if a chalkboard wasn't a board at all, but a fabric. Oilcloth International has made Chalkcloth, the chalk-friendly surface acts as a traditional chalkboard but the material is easily manipulated to be whatever you want. Perfect for lists, sweet nothings, and silly sayings. This cloth is used the same way a chalkboard is used. You can write on it with chalk, and then erase it.

It is best if you prime the chalk cloth before use. Take a piece of chalk and rub it up and down horizontally, and vertically, and diagonally, wiping the cloth with a dry piece of paper towel between each rubbing. You can also clean the chalk cloth fabric by using a clean damp paper towel and then allowing it to dry.

GoodDay Sunshine-960


On two of our projects we cut the chalk cloth to fit the backing of two different frames. Using Keystone Bros General Purpose Adhesive Spray adhesive, we adhered the chalk cloth to the backing. Smoothing any bubbles or wrinkles out using a credit card, and then reassembling the frame with a hanging wire on the back.


For the banner we used a template 3 1/2" wide X 4 1/2" long. Cut small slits at either end of the top for weaving the yarn/ribbon ties.


What will you make with chalkcloth?

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