Fabric Depot Guide to Quilt Backs

A Guide to Quilt Backs

So, you just finished an amazing quilt top and are busy basking in the glow of all your hard work when you are rudely snapped back to reality with a burning question: How am I going to finish this thing?  Should I use a quilt back or just piece 45” of fabric together?...

FD Guide to Thread

Thread, you can’t sew without it! Today is National Thread the Needle Day, so we figured what better way to celebrate than by sharing all of our thread knowledge with you! With so many choices available, it can be overwhelming to select your thread. Don’t worry though­-- For the most part it...

5 Best DIY Projects for Pride 2018

June is Pride month and since the Portland parade is this weekend, we thought we would share five of our favorite rainbow projects! 

It wouldn't be a celebration without a flag or pennant! Hallmark has a great tutorial on their blog. Click the picture for everything you need to know.  


The Fabric Depot Official Guide to Batting

Fabric Depot Guide to Batting

Welcome back everyone! We are kicking off our blog re-launch with a repost and update of our most popular blog post: The Official Guide to Batting. High-Loft Poly Bonded, what? Low-Loft 100% Cotton Needled, who? Let our amazing quilters breakdown everything you need to know about the complex...

Block Drive for The 70273 Project

The 70273 Project Global Block Day October 14

Now that #GlobalBlockDay is past, the time is ripe to keep making blocks and drop them off at Fabric Depot. We will send them to Jeanne and The 70273 Project to be made into finished quilts and added to the official count! To date, 24,720 people have been memorialized. Keep reading for more...

Helping Hands For Houston

Click the picture to learn more about Project Linus. Click here to learn more ways you can help!Lend a Helping Hand To Houston, Donate Unused quilts, afghans to our Wholesale Department the whole month of September!

Introducing AmyScrapSpot!

caddy banner

Fabric Depot made a new friend and we are very excited to introduce you! AmyScrapSpot is a sewist and a blogger with a story like many of yours. She’s figuring out the balance between love of fabric and real life stuff like family and a fulltime job! Despite being so busy, Amy found the time...

Quilting The Full Spectrum With Alison Glass

Spectrum WIP Header

We hope you got your new April Mailer this week, if you didn’t you can sign up here. Even though today is still technically March, we are acting like it’s April already. Anyone else ready for more consistent sunshine?! That’s why ONE of our Projects of the Month is the Spectrum Quilt from

Refresh Your Stash: The Lollies Specks Bundle

Lollie Header

Happy Spring everyone! I’m Hannah, the Social Media Coordinator and I’m back to talk to you a bit about my long term relationship with fabric since you already know about the personification of my sewing machine... 

I am usually a fabric collector... or hoarder, depending on your perspective....

Why I love Cuddle®: An Introduction to Shannon Fabrics

shannon cuddle blanket pink

At Fabric Depot we have big love for Shannon Fabrics and their Minky Cuddle® and Embrace™. We've been posting about them on our Social Media channels a lot lately. If you've missed it, scroll to the bottom to follow us, and feel free to leave us comments while you're down there! 

We reached...